Hassle Free Junk Removal and Dumpster Rental

We'll Do It!

Exhausted of trying to get your basement,garage,house,or apartment cleaned out? We'll do it!! Just ask Detroit Junk Busters to do the work, our number is 313-505-6611. Or might you possibly need to rent a dumpster? We will rent you the dumpster! Then you won't need to go through the BIG hassel of trying to get one around.Our prices are reasonable and we most certainly will not rip you off. Just remember call DETROIT JUNK BUSTERS!

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Serving You With:

•  Friendly Service

•  2 Hr. Arrival Window

•  Up Front Fees

•  Promoting Re-Use

•  Single Items to

•  Multiple Truckloads

•  Uniformed Teams

•  Shiny Trucks