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Concrete and brick Dumpsters

Concrete and brick dumpsters.

Are you in need of getting a dumpster to throw away your concrete? We have just the thing for you. We now carry a 10 yard concrete dumpster that you can throw away all your concrete, brick and mortar. We realize that it can be difficult to get rid of concrete. It can get really heavy quick, making it really hard on equipment. By letting the Detroit Junk Busters haul away your next concrete project, we can eliminate the stress and worry of the removal process. Detroit Junk Busters makes it simple and easy to get rid of trash and concrete.

All you have to do is

1. Give us a call at Detroit Junk Busters to schedule your next dumpster.

2. We offer same day delivery.

3. Get the concrete in the dumpster.

4. We will be back to pick it up and dispose of it quickly and efficiently.

5. Call us now at 313-505-6611

Also if you need labor to fill the dumpster ask about our concrete removal rates, or visit our dumpster rental page for more information. Rent a Dumpster by clicking here!!

Cheap Dumpsters

Have you grown tired of searching and searching for the best deals in Metro Detroit? Do you get grumpy people answering the phone? We here at Detroit Junk Busters take pride in our work here. The owners live in the city and also work in the city. We are a family owned business that works hard to earn your trust.

We can provide you with the best services and the best prices in metro Detroit. Starting with our great line of roll off dumpsters or rubber tired dumpsters. We provide cheap rubber tired and roll off dumpsters for rent in the Detroit Metro area. Dumpster rentals are simple and easy now, you dont have to go anywhere else. Because we have the CHEAPEST DUMPSTER PRICES in town. With our cheap prices combined with our excellent service and being a locally owned and operated, family run business. What more could you ask for?

Cheap Dumpsters Nearby

What you will get when you order your dumpsters from Detroit Junk Busters!!

1. Prompt on time service with a friendly smile. We do a 2 hour arrival window so you are not waiting around all day.

2. Nice shiny dumpster sitting in your driveway thats not an eyesore.

3. rubber wheeled Dumpster to protect against driveway damage.

4. Locally owned and operated so if there are any problems, Detroit Junk Busters is close by.

5. We offer sizes starting at 10 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard dumpsters.

6. We offer concrete dumpsters.

7. We offer labor to fill the dumpsters.

What you won't see with Detroit Junk Busters

1. Rude Staff

2. Sneaky hidden fees

3. Nasty Dumpsters that are not taken care off

4. Costly delays


You can call us now at 313-505-6611 to order your next dumpster


Rent A Dumpster

The holidays are right around the corner. Christmas is 6 days away. The birth of Jesus, gifts and family and all thats held dear are some of the things we think about when we get together with family. This year give the gift of a dumpster rental or a full service cleanup for that uncle or grandpa that just can't get around like they used to. We offer dumpsters in the Detroit Metro area to dispose of all your clutter. Whether its a small job with just a few items or whole basement cleanout, we can assist you from start to finish.

 We pick up just about anything except hazardous waste. Let our team do the heavylifting and get your space back immediately. We offer same day removal and will do a full clean sweep when we are finished. Call the trash experts at 313-505-6611 to schedule an appointment today. 


We also do dumpsters. 10yd, 20yd, and 30yd dumpsters in the detroit metro area. We offer same day delivery and the best service this side of the mississippi! For all your waste needs call Detroit Junk Busters today at 313-505-6611.

Easy and Fast Spring Clean Up

Do you have Garbage or trash to clean out from your home, garage or office? We at the detroit junk busters are here to get the job done right the first time every time. Some times renting a dumpster can be to difficult. It will need to be there several days to a week taking up valuable space. When our team comes in we are typically in and out in a matter of a few hours, not days. Leaving you with more time and space.

You never need to worry about damaging driveways with our lightweight truck. Unlike those roll off dumpsters that have hard steel wheels. Our trucks have soft rubber tires that roll gently over your concrete or asphalt. 

We provide some of the best services and pricing in metro Detroit. Just look for our reviews on sites such as Google, Yelp, Angies list and Facebook. We are happy to provide you with a no cost estimate on your items that need to be removed. Please call 313-505-6611 to schedule your next pickup. our team will be happy to come to your home or business and all you need to do is point to the junk and let us do the rest. We have been in the Junk Removal business since 2014 making us have the expierence and the know how to get it all done.

Garage Clean out, BeforeGarage Clean out, After

Detroit Waste Management

 Trash, everybody has some, but how do you dispose of your waste? The small debris is easy to get rid of, but the bigger stuff, the bulky stuff, that you can't just stuff into a trash can. What do you do with it? Maybe you have lots and lots of small trash all over. Let Detroit Junk Busters help you with the mess. We have the proper equipment to make your trash disappear quickly and efficiently.

 We offer trash removal and junk disposal in the detroit metro area. Let our team of professionals clean your mess up. We can provide the team work to clean up most any projects, quickly and efficiently. We do all the work so you dont have to. You point to your mess and tell us how much you have and we'll do the rest while you have a drink. So this Christmas season celebrate the holidays with family in your cleaned out basement, or garage. Maybe its time to throw all that junk that has been accumulating around the house or office out. 

  Detroit Junk Busters offers dumpsters for you to do it yourself. Our trash dumpsters come in four different sizes. 10yd, 20yd, 30yd and 40yd. If you would like to rent a dumpster in the Detroit area, please call 313-505-6611. We offer rubber wheeled and roll off dumpsters. We have great service and great prices. 

 Remember, when you think waste disposal, think Detroit Junk Busters first.

Home Town Dumpster Rental

The Detroit Junk Busters is Detroits best choice for dumpster rental and full service trash removal.

 We offer ten yard, twenty yard, thirty yard and forty yard dumpsters.

We offer concrete tubs for concrete disposal.

We also offer rubber tired dumpsters. Our rates are very competitive


Our team can properly dispose of all your waste needs. Please call us at 313-505-6611

Rent a Rubber Wheeled or Roll Off Dumpster Rental

We offer dumpster rental and trash removal in the detroit metro area. We have 10 yd, 20 yd, 30 yd, and 40 yd dumpsters. Rubber wheeled and roll off dumpsters available. We offer great service, with great prices! 

Whether you have a few items of trash or a giant pile of garbage we will take care of you from start to finish. We know it can be a headache to figure out what to do with all that stuff, especially before the holidays. Let our friendly staff assist you in making sure you have the right size dumpster for your next trash cleanup. 

For More information click here to Rent a Dumpster

We have same day delivery to make it fast and easy. Call 313-505-6611 to order your dumpster today.


Dumpster Rental

Serving You With:

•  Friendly Service

•  2 Hr. Arrival Window

•  Up Front Fees

•  Promoting Re-Use

•  Single Items to

•  Multiple Truckloads

•  Uniformed Teams

•  Shiny Trucks