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Exhausted of trying to get your basement,garage,house,or apartment cleaned out? We'll do it!! Just ask Detroit Junk Busters to do the work, our number is 313-505-6611. Or might you possibly need to rent a dumpster? We will rent you the dumpster! Then you won't need to go through the BIG hassel of trying to get one around.Our prices are reasonable and we most certainly will not rip you off. Just remember call DETROIT JUNK BUSTERS!

Garage Clean Out.

Would you like to go from this to this?

fGarage Junk Removal and Dumpster RentalRemoving Junk From Garage

Detroit Junk Busters can get the job done right, whether you have just one item or multiple truck loads. We will make sure we do it right the first time, with graduation just around the corner we know it would be nice to reclaim that old space. Don't let this job get you down.

Whether you're a do it yourselfer and you want to rent a dumpster to get it cleaned up yourself, we can accommodate you with the right dumpster. We know it can be a hassle to try and get a dumpster, people trying to rip you off of you're hard earned dollar. We dont change our prices from one caller to the next. We have our prices listed on our dumpster rental page. Please check out our reviews on our facebook page and see what people are saying about this dumpster rental and full-service junk removal team.


So you don't have time to do it yourself, or you're incapable of carrying such heavy things all by yourself. Give our team a call to see how simple it is to bring the junk removal team out an get it cleaned up, in most cases in an hour or less. We promise to make you wow at our junk removal magic. You can be assured that we take great care and pride in getting something cleaned up, thats why we have uniformed employees and you will never hear our junk removal employees use filthy language.


You can also be assured that we are committed to cleaning up Detroit and properly getting rid of all our junk at the right places. Our owners are proud to live in Detroit and work in Detroit. That's why we have partnered with Ronnie Dahl of Channel 7 and John George of Motor City Blight Busters to rid the city of blight and junk everywhere. We also Believe that Jesus Christ is only one that can remove the junk in our lives and by His Grace makes us who we are, that's why this business is operated on christian principles of Honesty, Integrity, Hard Work and the second greatest commandment of loving our neighbor as ourself.


For dumpsters or you're full service junk removal team just call 313-505-6611

Dumpster Rental

Does you're home or business need a dumpster? Are you ready to do the job, but have no place to go with the trash? Then you're in need of a Dumpster from Detroit Junk Busters. We here at Detroit Junk Busters can help accomodate you're spring clean-up or remodel. Whether you're cleaning out the garage or are re-doing the kitchen. We'll help see you through till the end with one of our dumpsters.


  Tired of those unsightly dumpsters? We offer afforable, CLEAN, dumpsters. We offer roll offs, as well as rubber wheeled dumpsters. 10 yd, 15 yd, and 20 yd.

Whether you're in need of one dumpster or multiple dumpsters. We'll have you covered till the job is complete. We service the Detroit Metro area. Give us a call today to set up you're next dumpster 313 505 6611 or order you're dumpster here, from our Dumpster Rental order form.


We also provide uniformed teams to remove you're junk. Let us give you a free estimate. In most cases we're in and out in a couple of hours. no need to break you're back with those heavy objects let the junk removal experts do the heavy lifting for you! Call now to schedule you're hassle free junk removal estimate. 313 505 6611 

Rent a dumpster in Detroit

We know that it can be difficult renting a dumpster in the Detroit - Metro area, people saying they will deliver it and then never showing up, or bringing the wrong size. That's why here at Detroit Junk Busters we want to make that process as easy as possible. We will help you size up your project with the right dumpster the first time. Whether you need a low priced dumpster for a small project or big project, we are confident we will help you find whats right for you.

We offer 10 yard, 20 yard, and 30 yard dumpsters available same day delivery in most cases. Whether you're in need of a rubber-wheeled or roll off container we can make sure we get you what you need. we offer unbeatable customer service and prices.

We offer

* Rubber Wheeled Dumpsters.

* Roll Off Dumpsters.

* A Hassle-Free Junk Removal Team To Clean It Up For You.

* Free Quote.

* Same Day Service.

* Property Clean Out Services.

* Residential and Commercial.

Please Call 313-505-6611 to order your dumpster. or order online here Rent A Dumpster


10 yard, Rubber Wheeled Dumpster20 Yard, Rubber Wheeled Dumpster30 Yard, Roll Off Dumpster

Junk Busters removal of a storage shed.


The Junk Busters junk removal team out busting up an old shed. Here at the Junk Busters we are capable of removing old junk of just about any type out there, whether its an old storage shed, a garage, basement or attic full of junk. Our proffesional team is able to quickly and efficiently remove just about any type of junk you have. Call us today to schedule your hassle-free junk quote at 313 505 6611


Junk Removal of starage shed in Warren MI

Junk Busters tearing down storage shed in Warren MI

Junk Removal or Dumpster Rental

  The Detroit Junk Busters junk removal team is out cleaning garages in full swing. If you have a garage that needs cleaning let the Detroit Junk Busters remove all the junk you have. We have trained, uniformed, professionals and the right equippment to get the job done quickly and efficiently the first time.


In most cases our team is cheaper than renting a dumpster, and we do all the heavy lifting and loading. All you need to do to see your junk go away is just point to it and we'll do the rest. Rest assured that you'll never hear any profanity, loud music, etc. from our employees. We understand that you need you're junk gone in a professional way. We promise customer satisfaction!


The Detroit Junk Busters will do just about anything from tearing down garages to cleaning out attics, garages, basements. We will remove single items all the way to multiple truck loads. We also do full real-estate clean outs. We have removed hot tubs, decks/porches, dog houses, chicken houses and much more. If you have junk or waste material of any kind we can remove it!


Please check out our facebook page for more pictures of the Detroit Junk Busters, junk removal team cleaning up the motor city, at

www.facebook.com/detroitjunkbusters and also check out our reviews to see what the community is say about their preferred home town junk removal experts.


Call today 313-505-6611


We also rent rubber wheeled and roll off dumpsters for those people who need the extra time for their clean up project. Check out dumpster rates on our dumpster rental tab!


Detroit Junk Removal Detroit Junk RemovalDetroit Junk RemovalDetroit Junk Removal


What The Detroit Junk Busters Do

When you hire the Detroit Junk Busters for your junk removal needs, rest assured, you have found one of Detroit-metros most dedicated junk removal team. When the junk removal team shows up, you'll avoid all of the inconviences of ordering a dumpster. Taking up valuable space in your driveway, unsitely eye sores. Our teams are uniformed, quick and efficient. So we'll be in and out in a matter of minutes. All we'll need from you is to point to the trash, and we'll take it. Leave the back breaking work to our guys.


You will be glad to know that we donate as much as possible to charities such as The Salvation Army. We will do all we can to keep the trash out of our landfills and back to reuse if possible. So give our junk removal busters a call to get rid of that unsightly junk in your way.


When you hire the Detroit Junk Busters junk removal crew, for your waste removal needs, you're getting our services cheaper than you can rent a dumpster(and you do the work) in most cases. You can head over to our What we take page to see what the Detroit Junk Busters will and will not take.

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