Staff1   Don't let that cleanup job get you down! Detroit Junk Busters are here to help! 

  Whether it is that corner of the yard or an outbuilding that has accumulated too many things or that piece of appliance that needs to be hauled away. We can take care of it. 


Call Detroit Junk Busters: 313-505-6611


Detroit Junk Busters

Now is the perfect time to do that clean-up project you've been putting off. Maybe its the back room you just cant stand to see, so you leave it closed all the time, or its the garage that you can only use half of because of all the clutter. Either way, now is the time to call the Detroit Junk Busters to help you get the job cleaned up right. Were proud to say we recycle as much as possible to charitable organizations such as salvation army.


  We have been in the junk removal business for over 7 years now and our seasoned professionals are waiting to jump on that clean up project today. With our hassle free promise, we'll ensure you that all you need to do to get the junk out of the way, is to point to where its at, and let us do all the dirty work. We will carefully load everything into our drive way friendly, junk removal bin, and we'll even do a clean sweep after that to ensure we leave the space as clean as possible. All while your sitting there enjoying a cold pepsi, and saving your back all those problems.


  Maybe your able and willing to clean out your next project yourself? We offer rubber wheeled and roll off dumpster rentals to accomadate different size junk removal projects. We offer on time deliveries, friendly service with a smile and best of all satisfaction guaranteed when you rent a rubber wheeled dumpster from us. You can call us directly. No big franchise corporation that will put you on hold, just friendly voices waiting to pick up the phone when you call.


  We can assure you no job is to big or small, we have taken out everything from a single tv all the way to full real-estate and apartment clean outs. We have taken apart hot tubs and torn down old barns. As long as we can cut it, rip it, smash it, or break it up, the Detroit Junk Busters can get rid of all your junk removal needs in the Detroit Metro area.

  So here's how it works:


   1. You call us and schedule an appointment.


   2. We show up, you point to the junk you need gone.


   3. We give you an up front price on everything. NO HIDDEN FEES.


   4. You watch us take it away. You have your space back. 

  SO CALL NOW 313 505 6611



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Serving You With:

•  Friendly Service

•  2 Hr. Arrival Window

•  Up Front Fees

•  Promoting Re-Use

•  Single Items to

•  Multiple Truckloads

•  Uniformed Teams

•  Shiny Trucks